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This is awesome story, I read it yesterday.
I guess, majority of us have similar stories, and we all share same impression when we first saw the best home comp ever.

I was pretty late introduced to Amiga world (maybe 1993-1994), and I had 2 friends, and one had Amiga 500 1MB, the other had 386 DX/40, 2MB Ram, B/W monitor, VGA.. etc. I had only C64, so I guess, I was somewhat objective.

I first met my friend with A500, that invites me at home and showed me exactly this games during few weeks:
- Mortal Kombat 2, Ruff'n'Tumble, Arabian Nights, Arcade pool, F18/Interceptor, Street Fighter 2, Shadow of the Beast 3, Fire and Ice...
Man, I was stunned.
After C64, these looked to me better then a dream. I knew about Amiga, of course, from magazines, and reviews of the games (Amiga was very popular in my country), but I never expected something awesome like that.
Not only look... the feel... when you played Arabian Nights, Or Ruff'n'Tumble, or MK2... that was it... it's arcade perfect feel. It was like you have arcade home, but not with just one game, but many games!

Several month later I met my pal with 386.
He showed me: Prehistoric 2, Street Fighter 2, Golden Axe, Monkey Island, and some ugly CGA or EGA racing game....
Can you imagine how disappointed I felt? It was UGLY, very slow, unresponsive, huge pixels, beeps instead of sound?
Man... Arabian nights or Ruff VS Prehistoric 2, that was like heaven and hell.... SF2... yes, the gameplay was better (wich I didn't realized then), but was much uglier.
I admit, I liked Golden Axe and Sleepwalker games, mainly because of nice gameplay, but then again, not near to a feel of many platformers, on the Amiga.
Later my friend bought another 2MB Ram, color monitor, sound blaster 16, and finaly he could play MK2 (that could be played on A500 with only 1MB Ram, and no expansions whatsoever), and I was again disappointed.
Framerate was not constant. It was slow... then fast... then slow, it ruined gameplay. New, bigger color monitor also showed a very pixelized picture. No Joysticks (they were very expensive for PC back then), so we had to play on keyboard, and if someone holds more then 3 keys, it blocks any other key pressed.
Many people when doing comparison today, forget about these, not so small things.

I was unaware, at that time, that Amiga was also low res, but TV kind of blurred pixels, and that is why it looked so much natural and blended, I thought for a real, that it was bigger res.
But nevermind that.... Even if I looked at the graphics on today monitors, my impression would be very similar, because of the color palette that Amiga use, the great arcade feel when you play the game, the sound... etc.

Sorry for the long post, but you haven't wrote much how disappointed you were, after changing A500 for the 386SX, and this needs to be pointed out.

Thanks for the nice story, we all looking forward to December.
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