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Premiere was recently updated for that too. In fact some games use 1MB chip just because they don't like 32-bit fastmem, so setting 512K chip means the other half-meg is fastmem and that crashes unless EXPCHIP is set.

That's the case with Premiere BTW (too fast: blitter errors even if there are a lot of blitterwaits). So sometimes using only 512k chip can be an issue for 32-bit fastmem machines, and the only non-32 bit memory is ... the remaining chipmem.

I wish there would be a flag for "24bitmem" in whdload like WHDLF_24BitExpmem: if 24bit fast available, use it, else use chipmem (AFAIR JST had a "Alloc24bitmem" function for that purpose)

I know Xenon 2 uses 528kb ($81000) I have to find out why and if it's possible to reduce to $80000. We're taking low-end machines seriously, don't worry.
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