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Originally Posted by SuperPlay View Post
I have just noticed this thread after browsing Grapevine disk mag issue 12.

Article 264 titled 'The Rom-Whack' is worth a peek.
here it is:
       T H E   R O M - W A C K

              By Dr Syn

What, I here you asking is the ROM-
Wack when it is at home?  Well the
ROM-Wack is your Amigas built in

Well you must have two Amigas or an
Amiga and another computer running
comms software on a Null Modem link.
I use an Amiga to Amiga link up
myself.  I have JR-Comm running on one
machine at 9600 8n1.  On the machine
that has not got the comms software
running type (in the CLI) loadwb
-debug.  This will bring up a new menu
on the Workbench screen.  On the 1.3
this is hidden but on 2.0 it is not.
There are 2 options on this screen.
The first one is DEBUG.  This will do
the ROM-Wack for you.  The second is
Flush-Libs which will clear out any
unused libraries lurking in the

You have probably noticed that the
machine that you have selected DEBUG
from has frozen, this IS normal, as
control has been passed to the second
machine.  If you now look at the
machine running the comms software you
should see a list of registers.  Now
here is a list of commands that can be
used.  I found them out by trial and
error as there is no documentation of
this that I have found.  I you find
more commands then why not send them
into Grapevine.

 TAB       - Lists registers
 Return key- Display current address
             and registers values
 >         - Forward 16 bytes
 <         - Back 16 bytes
 Backspace - Back 2 bytes
 CTRL D    - Quit Rom Wack
 CTRL I    - Step through commands at
             current address
 CTRL +    - Change value at current
             address and display them

         Type these commands!

 REGS      - List registers
 ALTER     - Alters current location

If you enter a number it will think it
is an address at set that as the
current address.

Hope that is of some use to you all.
I think that you can enter ROM-Wack on
a guru but I am not sure.

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