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Originally Posted by Visper View Post
Well, I prefer european platformers to japanese ones, so keep your Mario/Sonic crap and give me more games like Lionheart/Rick Dangerous/Turrican/Entombed.
Entombed ? Never heard of this game.

I always found Amiga platformers good until I buy a SNES in 1994. At this time, I found better gameplay and this particular japanese design we didn't see often on computers.

Years have passed now and after reviewing a whole collection of Amiga, Snes and Megadrive games, I think the Amiga offers more diversity in style and also not all console plateformers are so good. Actually, there's Nintendo and Sega games and the rest (well, there's also a few companies like Capcom and Konami, nothing but startups ) but we can count the same proportion of crappy games on consoles as on computers. Even if they look sooo Kawai.

The fact is that major japanese companies were totally aware of the importance of playability then they have adopted early in the process a quality insurance policy . Something the europeans didn't budget at all due to financial and cultural matters, I guess.

Finally they filled the gap and they all agree today to produce uninteresting games on nextgen plateforms.

And I find a second button useful only because of the XboX directional pad. I often remap my games on Winuaex. It sounds like a heresy, I know.

Anyway, Amiga is still worth playing...

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