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i really don't get why so many people seem to agree with the fact that amiga platformers were mediocre compared to console standards...

i totally agree that none of amiga platformers can beat NES/SNES in the mario bros genre...(even if giana sisters is pure fun)


Just to comment about the ones you mentionned :

- Rick Dangerous is totally amazing and the mix of puzzle/precision/arcade is really unique

- Superfrog is the greatest of all..most players that dislike it did not play it to the 1 is only ok, i agree but it is only designed to get familiar with the game...subsequent worlds are awesome and the increase of difficulty through levels is very well balanced

- arabian nights/ Mr nutz / giana sisters / soccer kid / moktar / ruff'n'tumble/turrican/gods/flimbo's quest/killing game show are really good exemples of entertaining platformers with a good mix of puzzles/arcade ...i think the puzzle (linear) dimension of amiga platformers is an amiga specific where most console platformers are more focused on speed/coordination/ real time fun (with hidden secret worlds but only as an option for fanatics). Lost vikings may be another great exemple of this puzzle/arcade mix. putty and putty squad maybe of the almost pure puzzle kind.

- there's also the arcade/aventure platformer type with great titles like shadow of the beast, leander, flimbo's quest

- kid chaos was an ok attempt to replicate sonic on amiga..

there may be a ton of other genres i'm forgetting...but i think that the platformer genre on amiga is much richer than on console because of its several forms.

i won't comment about the up/buttom jump issue as it is pure nonsense.

please play superfrog to the end without trainer (as you seem to have plenty of spare time to compute all kinds of weird ratios) and we'll REALLY TALK about it

PS : add to the list mcdonald land, blues brothers, another world, flashback, bubble bobble, prince of persia, exile in some ways +kg addons rainbow islands and new zealand really have plenty of great titles on amiga!!

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