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Here is some new info about the fpgaarcade


A brief note to explain why I've been a little quiet here. There is a lot going on at the moment.
1 - testing! Finally I have my office/workshop set up again after two years of temporary housing. I've got about 50 boards out of storage and running through the test program. Aim is to catch up with some of the shipping backlog.
2 - Amiga CPU cache debug. Still some minor issues with high-performance mode which I am working on. I've fixed some other CPU issues, but I am waiting to get my 68EC020 mounted to finish the verification. Speaking of which ...
3 - The Amiga AGA harasser board. This is in design now, and contains the AGA chipset and CPU on a daughterboard, with lots of instrumentation on interesting pins. With this, I can run the original chipset with a real CPU, or any combination with the FPGA copies. This will let me fine tune the timing and catch any other anomalies. With the exception of a blitter/memory bug, the AGA softcore is relatively stable at the moment.
4 - As part of (3) I've updated my CAD system and got the 68060 daughter board back on track. I'll try and get schematics of this posted shortly for comment before we fab it out.
5 - I've added a file repository to the main website as a public copy of the SVN server for non-devs. Some more work to be done, and we need to clarify what cores are ready to go public with the authors, but it will happen soon.
6 - Still playing with my SID core and die probing.

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