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Apparently, but the App Store is full of GPL code.
I think the VNC debacle was largely political,
and it was later found the fellow involved worked for Nokia.

The best I could do was to seek permission from every author I could contact
which was over 20 of the many more authors of UAE, and more for the mobile versions.

I had a long back & forth with Richard Stallman himself about all of this
I know that I'm well & truly done with Apple for the usual reasons, so don't really care so much about it.
The reinstating my developer account was for an unrelated app (all mine with some PD content).
I do know however that any open Amiga emulator in the App Store won't last.

Originally Posted by FrodeSolheim View Post
iOS app store? I was under the impression that Apple's strict terms are in violation of the GPL terms, and therefore products containing GPL'ed code cannot legally be published via the app store (VLC for example was pulled a few years back due to that [1], until they finally managed to dual-license all their code under MPL also [2]).


Note: I probably have no copyright on any code in that UAE version, and neither have I bought/acquired the product, so I personally have no legal say in the matter, but the copyright holders of that UAE version and all customers might. I just thought you should know!
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