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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Well, it's Warhols. What can you say?
I actually quite like them. Just wish i could see them all.

Also wish they would have not taken credit for any of the "science" behind restoring these. They're pretty clearly using a Kryoflux in the picture shown. I bet they got paid handsomely for dumping disks and running them in an emulator

Like, what is this fucking quote? "A painstaking three-year project was required to recover the images which were saved in an obscure data format.
And "an obscure format that modern Amiga emulators could not read."?? Bullshit! In the link itself it is clearly shown that the images are loaded in GraphiCraft on an emulator :@

Then on their paper they say they just had to change kickstart versions for GraphicArt to run, so talking a load of bullshit is what this article is doing.
They handed the job to me, it only took 3 days ! My goodness, what the fuck about this crap : an obscure format that modern amiga emulators could not read. Bullshit bis !

and they used a kryoflux to.... dump "copied" disks, when they could have done it with an A1200..... That's really killing a mosquito with a nuclear bomb as we say here.
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