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Sold: Indivision AGA 1200 MK2cr

Now sold to Scarab

I am selling my Indivision AGA 1200 MK2cr, as I have no further use for it, I mainly play games and it was a bit of an impulse "I HAVE TO HAVE IT" purchase!

It has literally been used once, I plugged it into my A1200 messed about with it for a day or 2, then removed it to sell here.

Everything is as new, mint condition with everything that comes with it when you buy one from AmigaKit. I will even include a DVI to VGA adapter that did not come with this device.

There is however a but...

Because I am such a numpty, when I was messing about with it, I did a rather silly thing, I changed the screen mode without hitting test button first, and it was set at a resolution that did not work with my monitor, however I am reliably informed by NovaCoder here on AmiBay that It's easy to reset it, just plug it into a TV using the composite output, that should display a picture and allow you to reset it.

I am asking £110 for this, but will give you free postage to a UK address and I'll even take the PayPal rip off fee on the chin too, can I really say fairer than that? I must be mad, mad I tell you :

Pictures removed, as now sold to Scarab

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