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Originally posted by Echo
No probs mate, unfortunately I've just realised something.

I think you're going to hit a large snag - just realised you said WB 1.3 - thought you had 2.04 or 3.01.

The PC0 driver didn't come with WB 1.3, but that's not to say it won't work if you can get hold of it seperately.

Ideally you'd need to run a higher revision of Workbench, assuming your A500 is going to even support it.
No. I think you're wrong. I have an Amiga 2000 with kickstart 1.3 and Crossdos installed. After this, you'll see doubled your drives.
df0: -> pc0:
df1: -> pc1:

I think the real problem is the large amount of time and disk swapping before made something!
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