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Originally Posted by MethodGit View Post
Lemmings - Holiday Lemmings 1994 (1994)(Psygnosis)[a].adf = Four-level playable demo, not full version.
Make that not-really-all-that-playable demo, as it seems to freeze on a black screen after clicking past the Level 1 info! Will compare with The One's coverdisk version and see if anything's been changed...

In the meantime....

Rod-Land v1.3 (1991)(Storm)[cr CSL][a8].adf = contains a +1 trainer by The Goonies instead of a Crystal cracktro.

The other [ax] ADFs appear to differ only in highscore names.

EDIT: Just became aware that the Goonies version exist in multiple forms also, heh. The above disk appears to be nearly 100%-identical to:

Rod-Land v1.3 (1991)(Storm)[cr Goonies][t +1 Goonies].adf

with the exception of "LICENSED FROM JALECO" being replaced with "IMPORT BY FAST EDDIE".

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