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Originally Posted by Sydric View Post
OK just read page 2 It's NOT too late on the disk images. I run a MUSEUM - we know about preserving disk images and history -- in fact, that's WHY I have not as of yet released the full game--it's a unique thing to find in our museum (not to mention the disk is HEAVILY protected --- so we'll have to see if making an image of that one is easily possible at all anyways).

Play the demo when I post it and give me your feedback and we'll go from there.
This game was not designed to stay in a museum - it was designed to be played by the masses!

Museums are about history - about the things which have defined us as a race and which have made the earth what it is today. This game has not had the opportunity for people to have even seen it - keeping it in a museum where it cannot be seen except on select days is the wrong thing to do!

Since the source code is available, surely it would not be too difficult to make a WHDLoad version - perhaps with a keyfile so that to play the full version you have to register the game and pay a nominal fee?
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