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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen
This is second most pointless idea (seriously, I did have self-made analog teletext decoder PCB connected to Amiga, I think the instructions were in aminet or something..) Anyway, I am 99.99% sure I won't emulate this.
Shit, keropi beat me (I made a basic software teletext decoder for DVB cards, useless too as almost all tv viewer software come with one). How about emulating a Vortex Golden Gate card?

Originally Posted by Toni Wilen
Originally Posted by thor
Hardware freezers besides Action Replay
Will be done but only if I can have physical device for experimentation. ROM dump isn't enough. (too easy to waste time by just by tracing the ROM blindly without hardware)
Couldn't get a ROM dump from them myself. I can send you the ones I have and you can keep a copy of the ones where I have multiple copies. But would take a bit as they are stored at my parents' house currently.
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