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The Picasso and mcp stuff indicates that you're trying to run a preconfigured AmigaOS 3.x from a harddisk (I guess harddisks are set in your configuration). That's not what you want I think, as you only want to run a game with its floppy disk (adf) ?

- open WinUAE
- click once on your "kickstart 2" config (the one needed for your game)
- click on load
- click on the floppies tab
- set the first adf in df0:
- run the emulation

If you have harddisks set in your config and run the emulation before putting the adf in df0, the harddisk will start loading instead of the floppy, even if you think you're fast enough to go to the floppies tab before anything happens.

If you don't use harddisks, you should create minimal configurations to suit your needs without these.

E.g. 1 config "pure A500", 1 config "pure A500+ or A600" (for KS2.x games), 1 config "pure A1200". All of these with the specs of "of-the-box" Amigas with no harddisks.
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