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Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
AROS was written initially with x86 processors in mind and oodles of RAM/Storage.

This is the point I do not understand. If you already have a fast x86 processor, why not install a real operating system on it, i.e. something that keeps the system "operating".

AmigaOs is a very "lightweight" "toy system" without resource management and without task isolation. Thus, if I have capable hardware, I'd rather go for capable software on top. There is plenty, for every flavour of "Free" to "commercial", certainly with many better properties than AmigaOs, and certainly more robust and more stable.

Even if I would want to develop something new just for developing something new, AmigaOs is not a good role model or foundation for an Os as essential services have been neglected in its design, and you cannot just add them later.

I do not want anyone from spending time on his hobby, though. Just go ahead, but I do not quite see what this is about.
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