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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Here is the second part of "Update Pack #34"

Details are as follows:

2 game renames:
... Black Dawn Rebirth --> Black Dawn Rebirth v1.1
... Rygar [AGA] --> Rygar - The Legendary Warrior [AGA]

2 new "cheats / hints / level codes / manuals / maps / walkthroughs" additions:
... A-Train
... Little Computer People

10 new game additions:

Black Dawn Rebirth v1.2
Little Computer People
Paladin II
The Adventures of Freddy Fish
The Age of Rock
Trivial Pursuit - Amiga Genus Edition
Trivial Pursuit - The CD32 Edition [CD32]
Trivial Pursuit - The Language Laboratory Edition
White Rabbits
This now brings the total number of games in my collection to 2980

Black Dawn Rebirth v1.2 is obviously not included in this update pack...

PMs will be sent out shortly after the upload completes
Oh no, I've just realised... in my rush to get this Update Pack out last night; and it was getting late...

I forgot to include the following 2 x game updates:
... Master Blaster
... Syndicate - American Revolt Mission Disk
Hmmm, do I just leave until the next Update Pack or reupload?
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