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Shadow of the Beast 3 - Rules

Keeping it simple for Beast 3 waypoints:

1. In the Forest and Fort you just get points for collecting gold - 100 points per bar. Since gold is always displayed you don't have to take a pic there - anywhere works. The maximum is 2600.

2. In the Caves of Bidhur and Nosthomak you only get points for getting to the end - take a pic at the end of either level. Bidhur is worth 1500 points

Caves of Bidhur - end screen

(Caves with the phiole in the corner!)

3. Cave of Nosthomak is worth 1900 points. You're not required to solve the picture moving puzzle in Nosthomak!

Caves of Nosthomak - end screen

4. If you reach Maletoth (end boss) you don't have to show pics for Caves and Nosthomak anymore.

Pause the game after defeating Maletoth to get additional 500 points per remaining life.

Example with x3 lives
Score: 2600 + 1500 + 1900 + 500 +500 + 500 = 7,500

Tied scores will be resolved by comparing the remaining health. The players with more health will get extra points to put them ahead of their competitor like in Beast II. If health is the same it's a draw of course.
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