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ENV is a virtual drive which holds environment variables and various temporary settings. It is normally assigned to a directory in Ram Disk early in the boot process.

There are two statup scripts in the S directory which are essential for starting the Amiga:

Startup-sequence is a system file, it should not be touched by average users. Editing it is for experienced users only. You should replace it only if you really know what you are doing.

User-startup, as the name suggests, is for user additions. Entries there are usually added automatically by the installation of apps. But you can add your own entries there, too, if you know what you do.

If user-startup failed, the symptoms would be different, so it's probably startup-sequence you replaced. I think the original one is on the Workbench disk, so boot with the Workbench floppy (not the Install floppy) and copy S/Startup-Sequence from the floppy to your hdd.
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