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Originally Posted by lordofchaos View Post
A very interesting thread, so I suppose the bottom line is, if a human mind can construct it, a human mind can deconstruct it. Given the time and willpower.
My Son asked my a question in the later 90's...and I was still very, very much enjoying Max Headroom. He asked, very close to the OP of this thread.. "Will it ever be possible to make a program that cannot be cracked?" I replied, "If a person can think of it, it can be cracked." That was the short version. Later, some months as I recall, he asked me more detailed and I replied, "If a person can think of it, or a Being can think/inspire can be cracked by another. Doesn't matter what it is. If there is a 'Why?' there will always be a 'How?' - or visa versa. Everything is progressive, everything is changing, nothing repeats exactly the same. Everything is infinitely constant in the 'Why?' as well as the 'How?. There wasn't a 'Big Bang' that started everything...that, too, will be cracked. Soon enough (not in my current lifetime), the Cosmos will be the Ancients understood..but that's part of the cracking process. Everything can be understood/cracked. Get it?" He didn't only say Yes, but I'll leave at that for the thread.

If it can be can be altered. Which is what cracking or hacking is. Nothing is _perfect_, final, done.
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