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Originally Posted by Ferry View Post
Hmmm… Do you think there will be any difference setting the Sync+speed mode from the Amiga side compared to setting it in the v6? I know you have to set the Sync flag also in the Amiga RDB anyway, but you don't set the speed. According to @AMike, he is setting flag&speed in the Amiga side, letting the v6 side as "No limit (safe)" and he's getting no corruption as it seems (waiting for his new test results, anyway)
I wouldn't have thought so - the setting on the SCSI2SD merely sets the upper limit available to the host. Unitcontrol queries it, for example - that's why if you set the sync in unitcontrol higher than the limit on SCSI2SD, the UI automatically changes to that limit.

When you set the Sync flag in the RDB, the .device driver will automatically choose the maximum available speed (as set in SCSI2SD or the limit supported by the driver on the Amiga side).

Basically, as I understand it, it is the Amiga side which tells SCSI2SD whether async or sync is in use and what speed. SCSI2SD will tell the Amiga side what speed settings are available.
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