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Originally Posted by Futaura View Post
I've been testing 6.2.12 this morning and this is better, in terms of less corruption, but data corruption is still there - there is a definite pattern to the corrupted byte offsets in the files. With 128K writes I am also getting corruption in async mode, same in sync 5Mb mode, but worse in sync 10Mb mode.
I also tested 6.1.12, and I'm still getting corruption too, but with a big difference: while before I got hundreds or thousands of differences between the original and its copy, now I get only from 2 to 8 bytes:

and the size of files affected is bigger now: before it was from 64KB upwards, now seems to be from 128KB up.

BTW, are you really getting data corruption with "Sync, 5MB/s" mode? With 6.2.5 it worked well, and my "reliable" booting SD card was made with that FW and speed, but if you say that you are getting corruption with 5MB/s with newer FWs…… If I don't know if I can trust newer FWs, I'll better keep it apart and safe until this issue is solved.


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