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I've been testing 6.2.12 this morning and this is better, in terms of less corruption, but data corruption is still there - there is a definite pattern to the corrupted byte offsets in the files. With 128K writes I am also getting corruption in async mode, same in sync 5Mb mode, but worse in sync 10Mb mode.

@AMike My card shipped with 6.2.8, so I've never tried 6.2.1 - if that works for you then great. However, it is quite clear that newer versions (6.2.5, and newer, at least) do have issues, possibly caused by performance improvements, and the best way forward is for Michael to fix it. If nobody ever reports issues, all future updates will probably inherit the same data corruption issues. So, going back to 6.2.1 might be a solution, but fixing the latest firmware is the future proof solution. For there to be 3 of us here reporting the same issue, on different hardware setups, it is highly likely that the firmware is the problem.
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