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Originally Posted by Futaura View Post
FYI, my standard boot is DOpus Magellan in WBR mode. However, I've not tried copying with it yet - only Copy command from shell or BackItAllUp. The Copy command that I'm using defaults to a 64K buffer - I think I mentioned earlier that raising this to 128K or 256K caused major SCSI bus fatal errors (errors messages from blizzppc.device required a power off/on). This was consistently reproducible with 6.2.9, but no such errors with 6.2.5 or 6.2.10. As it happens SCSI2SD uses a 64K write buffer internally.
I don't have it in WBR mode. From Shell, I've been using standard copy (not any changing of buffer). DOpus 4.12 doesn't have a way to change the buffer. I considered that. I rechecked to verify. DOpus 5.81 and.91 do, sort of..but I haven't changed them either. I also went on ahead and renamed my default config for them, loaded them as default and..same thing. DOpus 5.xx and 4 all function fine with normal Amiga stuff..and though I understand they were intended for original hardware, and < = 3.1, I don't see any reason for DOpus x.xx to fail. Unless they're doing something very unique. I didn't get into debuggers of that sort.

I'll check later, but does DOpus have a copy buffer setting? If so, I'd bet this is making a difference. I'll check with devmon later also, which will show the write sizes being sent.

Parity checking should usually be enabled on all devices. The only time I've ever seen parity errors was years ago when my Epson scanner was hooked up. I know I keep banging on about termination, but it is even more important on the CSPPC, seeing as it is 68pin and the controller itself doesn't act as a terminator (unlike the Blizzards). Ideally, you need to place an active terminator at both ends of the cable and the SCSI2SD in the middle with termination disabled. I have been told that using SCSI2SD's built-in termination is probably a bad idea on a 68pin bus: "Just looking at this scsi2sd HW it seems to auto terminate simple 50pin scsi but with a 68pin bus that probably causes a real mess." - from RS himself (I have a contact on the MorphOS team).
Okay, okay, okay....stop being a nag about it (I'm just messing with you!). I'll add the terminator back to the end of the line. It's the only eternal one I have'll have to do. I'll disable it in SCSI2SD V6 and give it another go... I'll also enable parity again...and just leave it on. Good to have some feedback going on, Futaura.
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