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Originally Posted by Romanujan View Post
@ceztko - I'm afraid it's not possible. There are at least two different 3.1.4 ROMs for a given model, and multiple (probably at least 3 or 4) sets of floppy disks. All have just one version number 3.1.4, and when purchasing you don't actually know what you'll get.

Hyperion did a complete mess with 3.1.4.
Do you mean there's already different minor versions for a given model? Well, if I understood correctly Toni is saying he won't add checksums for automatic rom detection. If he receives the roms/floppy images maybe he can still support them as he's supporting emulation of many hardware devices that more or less officially were released for Amiga computers, which I think it's the case for these Kickstarts. This would explain his initial availability to receive the whole rom set as donation. @Toni: please clarify if this is not correct or you changed your mind about supporting KS 3.1.4 at all.
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