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Originally Posted by Gorf View Post
@ Ian

Please step back a little and look at things calmly.
meynaf's approach to discussions is sometimes provocative (or seems to be), but is actually not trolling, but well... discussing.

There is no need to agree or come to a final conclusion in an open discussion, but meynaf will always consider valid points and will always answer on the subject.
I can assure you, I am most calm, much as I was when I posted my reply. If my reply was seen as antagonistic or provocative, perhaps I should be allowed the same leeway as meynaf?

It is quite clear that meynaf enjoys being both deliberately obtuse and contrary for the sake of it. If that isn't a form of trolling, I don't know what is. But as long as the same rules apply to others who like to "discuss" in that manner, I am sure everyone will be happy. I've been around this forum for many years, and I certainly know how certain members tend to behave. Some mistake shouting the loudest, for the longest, as being some kind of proof their opinions are 'facts'. ?

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