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Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
[...] BTW, Rebol is not in even top 50.
. Not a surprise (see below). But my respect for COBOL that is #28 .

Originally Posted by
[...] Ratings

The ratings are calculated by counting hits of the most popular search engines. The search query that is used is
+"<language> programming" The number of hits determines the ratings of a language. The counted hits are normalized for each search engine for all languages in the list. In other words, all languages together have a score of 100%. Let's define "hits(SE)" as the sum of the number of hits for all languages for search engine SE and "hits(PL,SE)" as the number of hits for programming language PL for search engine SE. Possible false positives for a query are already filtered out in the definition of "hits(PL,SE)". This is done by using a manually determined confidence factor per query. A query such as "Basic programming" also returns pages that contain "Improve your basic programming skills in Java". The first 100 pages per search engine are checked for possible false positives and this is used to define the confidence factor. If this factor is 90%, then only 90% of the hits are used for "hits(PL,SE)". [...]
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