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Originally Posted by daxb View Post
Do you know why some developer chose the need for an assign for the program to run? IMO MUI is an ugly example or DOpus 4/5, AmiTCP, Photogenics, ArtEffect, PPaint, ghostscript, AsmPro, GoldED, FrexxED, MUIbase, Protext, Miami, AWeb, AmiSSL, TurboPrint, aso. Then there are games.
For large programs, which may have data shared with others, or where you want to have specific partitions, I think it is very useful to use Assign.

The same can be true for games where the disk name identifies where to load the data, so that by doing an Assign you find them even if they are in an HDD directory.

You can also change data path on the fly with a new Assign.
Or add locations to search for data by simply adding a path.

There are much situations where Assign command is useful, I like it very much .
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