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Originally Posted by solarmon View Post

I left the Facebook group ("Commodore Amiga Video games" and "Commodore Amiga Lovers") that he is admin of. Just this morning I got similar rude response after he posted a question and I asked for further clarification. I couldn't then see the post comments so I assume I was somehow blocked. So I just left the group.

Edit: The guy is "Joao Paulo Almeida" or "Joao Paulo B. Almeida". There is a history of abuse and bannings if you search Facebook.
So this was João Paulo Almeida?

He added me on Facebook a couple of years ago. We speak the same language so it wasn't a problem on translation or something. He kept me asking a shitload of nonsense stuff about Amiga and at some point I sincerely replied with an "I don't know dude" and out of nowhere he just became agressive with me. And I saw him doing this with other users as well.

He clearly has issues, but he should treat them outta here.
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