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Really I'm not going to write a Z80 to 68000 converter myself. Too much debugging if something doesn't work. The emulation looks the sanest issue ATM, and probably not so slow.

What would be great would be automatic Z80 to 68000 conversion, with a post-processing that checks if condition flags are needed, and discards them if it isn't, all those asm optimizations that maybe vasm can do

The converter I have does this

Dedicated register usage is as follows:
         D0   - Z80 A register and A' register
         D1   - Z80 flag register and flag' register
         D4   - constant $0F (condition code X bit mask)
         D5   - constant $10 (condition code X bit mask)
         D6   - IX
         D7   - IY
         A1   - pointer to B and BC on stack
         A2   - pointer to C on stack
         A3   - pointer to D and DE on stack
         A4   - pointer to E on stack
         A5   - pointer to L on stack
         A6   - Z80 SP register
         A7   - pointer to H and HL on stack
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