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Upgrading to Version 8 "R2":

Playback Window and Emulation
  • In the "R2" build, virtual keyboards further support multi-touch and snapping to the emulation window.
  • Added "CD Drive Control" menu (with Play/Pause, Stop, Forward, Rewind) to the CD menu of the playback window (these controls were previously listed under the Keyboard menu) for the CDTV system.

Title Editor
  • Added direct-attached disk support.
  • Extended ADF medium information (volume name, boot capability) is now displayed.

Player Interface and Options
  • Added changelog support to Setup Wizard, About and Updates Available dialogs.
  • Added "My Downloads and Keys" to the Help menu.

High-DPI and Variable-DPI Systems
  • Support for new or enhanced multiple-monitor and high-DPI features introduced in Windows 10 versions 1709, 1809 and 1903.

Other General Enhancements
  • New Setup Wizard, now also with Advanced Preferences.
  • Updated content and improved rendering of Tip of the Day items.

Developer Features
  • Added Game Controller Test dialog ("Help/Developer/Test/Game Controller" menu).

Bug Fixes
  • Smart File System (SFS) disks are now correctly identified as bootable.
  • Solved an issue on launching titles when the Amiga Files path contained Unicode characters.
  • Solved an issue launching standalone emulation apps (e.g. WinUAE), whereby the current ROMs could not be found if certain older paths were present in the registry.
  • The F3 key is now correctly displayed as F3 (and not F2) in some contexts (e.g. virtual buttons).
  • Corrected a bug that, in some circumstances, caused virtual keys to remain in the pressed state when multitouch input was processed.
  • Keyboard and game controller input now reaches the emulated system even after clicking in the docked virtual keyboard.
  • The Virtual Keyboard window is no longer open when starting an emulation session, if in the previous session it was closed using its title bar close button (and not from the status bar Keyboard menu).
  • Fixed a bug that prevented qualifier keys in the emulated system from being correctly released (e.g. '=' character generated with <Shift> on the PC keyboard, the '=' character available as unshifted in the emulated system, and the user releasing the PC <Shift> key first).
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Commit dialog with a prompt to reset the keyboard to default, when and AmigaOS 4 emulation session (using a non-default keyboard) was closed.

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