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Hi FrodeSolheim !

First, I’d like to thank you a lot for your amazing work on FS-UAE. It’s a really cool program and it’s perfect to show how cool is the Amiga for the new generation of gamers who never knew the real machine. Nice job, really.

I just finished to build my perfect library of programs (games). My goal was to build a « single folder » portable version of the entire emulator, arcade, confs, floppies and hard drives, screenshots, boxarts etc.

I would like to have an easy backup of the entire FS-UAE system in only one folder to give it easily to my friends, they could have just to change the paths in the « settings » and play without any particular knowledge. My words concern only the Windows version.

- I could zip my FS-UAE folder with everything inside (including screenshots)
- give them the zip file
- they change only the paths in the launcher settings
- and play the games

It was a good idea and i started my loooong building of the thing with the portable version of FS-UAE. There was no problem about that in the 2.8.3 version. I completed the task after days and days of tests and selection of programs one by one, it works well.

Unfortunately for me, that’s the moment you chose to upgrade the version... all seems cooler or same than before, but... it changes many things.

In the 3.0 version, you chose to use the C:/user/... and there is apparently absolutely no way to move these paths. It’s a problem and I think it’s a bad choice.

Windows is a real shit, it need to be sometimes re-installed (ohhh I love mac and linux). When this happens, we need to backup our files because the C drive will be erased. Your new location for floppies, confs etc causes an annoying work to do it. Now, I need to backup my user folder AND the library... and it makes my « single folder » impossible to do. By this way, you lose portability at the end of the process.
I think it’s bad and not user friendly (just a question of ergonomy).

Is there any way to modify these paths to my « E:/EMULATION/FS-UAE » ?
Or can you make it possible in the future, it could be really handy for people like me.

In the 2.8.3 windows version, when opening the emulation menu during a program running shows the menu to the right and an amazing minimized view of the entire amiga screen to the left. It was sooooooooo clean and perfect.

But now, in the 3.0 version, opening the menu hides a big part of the amiga screen who became « flat ».
I really don’t understand this choice, perhaps it’s technical, perhaps it’s just something you didn’t think...

Can we have a solution to return this simple thing to the old fashion way ?
It could be a good idea to make this optional in the settings...

I know this is only a detail, but it makes your program so classy.

That’s all !
Thanks for your time on this project, thanks to read my message and thank you a lot for making the Amiga great again.

You have my biggest respect.


(Pardon my poor english, I’m french)

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