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Originally Posted by jotd View Post
is it possible to get hold of the changes so it can be "backported" to the whdload slave instead of hacking the original code?

(earok I know you don't want to code whdload slave, but you're wrong with your skills this should be a breeze for you)
Sadly, I didn't keep very good notes about what I did, and there's a jumble of changes all over the place - from memory I swapped out several art assets, hacked a trig function to slow down projectiles, slowed down enemy waves for every level in the game, slowed down the scroll speed, and tweaked the story dialogue to align it better with the source anime. The bundled WHDLoad slave itself was hacked to ignore the checksum test that verifies the version of the game (though admittedly I've got no excuse for doing it this way, given the slave has available source).

It MAY be better to backport the changes from one of my more minor hacks into a WHDLoad slave (and maybe do it in a way that's cleaner), but again - my note taking is terrible, the best way to get the changes is to do a hex data comparison between the original game and the hacked version.
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