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Originally Posted by Foebane View Post
Listen to the "game over" music on Black Viper, it's really melancholic and depressing, it really struck me how good the tune sounded. It really brings home the "earth is doomed" vibe of the whole game.
Nicola Tomljanovich, the author, for sure took its inspiration from a bunch of low budget B movies, especially those mad max wannabes and also post-nuclear horror movies like Rats! However, the main visual inspiration, at least for us italians, has been Hokuto No Ken, that was immensely popular in the end of 80s in Italy; some of the game introduction images are very reminescent in style to the anime end titles! (ok there is also a Side Arms visual citation)

Can be seen here (from an italian - wow, even from my area! - recording):
[ Show youtube player ]

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