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Originally Posted by Puggsy View Post
if you will be using a Gotek mainly (great choice especially on an A1200 that is stock, with no RAM), the DOM you bought is quite redundant. You could use a much smaller unit (1GB would be fine) to load the OS and some apps . . .
Thanks for your reply! To clarify: I will not be installing any games. There is an 8MB FastRAM board installed in the coming machine, which according to some posts here, may or may not prevent the PCMCIA-CF card from mounting properly unless my 8MB FastRAM board is somehow crippled to 4MB. Here are the applications that I plan to install on the DOM:

• AmigaVision.
• Scala Multimedia 400.
• Superbase.
• Hyperbook.
• FinalCalc.
• Emerald Intelligence's Magellan 1.1
• Directory Opus.

That's pretty much it (i.e., no games). I just assumed the above were HDD-installable. Would I still need WHDLoad to make these productivity applications HDD-installable? The reason for requiring on-board mass-storage is that AmigaVision, as a multimedia app, may reference other audio/visual assets, so I hoped to keep some of those assets (created on other systems) on either the DOM or CF card, or some combination of both.

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