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if you will be using a Gotek mainly (great choice especially on an A1200 that is stock, with no RAM), the DOM you bought is quite redundant. You could use a much smaller unit (1GB would be fine) to load the OS and some apps.

You don't want to use WHDLoad installed games on your machine unless you expand it with more RAM and/or an accelerator. Just for games, I'd recommend against all that, the gotek is great and easiest.

Still unsure what you mean with "install ADFs into DOM", but if it is WHDLoad, as I said, forget it.

Your ADFs go in the USB stick of the gotek, not the hard drive. Amiga games are made in a way that you can't just install them in hard drives easily or straightforward, that's why WHDLoad installs exist, but they are not available for every single game in existence, and they require expansion.
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