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Hey, thanks for that detailed post! Really appreciate it! Just to clarify:

• A1200 is a functioning Kickstart/Workbench 3.1 system (won't receive it for about another week).
• A1200 has a Gotek and a Workbench 3.1-loaded USB-thumbdrive as its only storage device.
• A1200 has no floppy drive.

In anticipation of receiving the above system, I purchased:

• AOTL 8GB DOM to be placed onto the A1200's internal IDE port.
• PCMCIA-CF card reader to be placed in the A1200's unpopulated PCMCIA slot.
• AmigaKit EasyADF + EasyADF Update (will receive electronically via e-mail) to more easily set-up CF-card support.

So, since I don't own an Amiga floppy drive, I can copy application ADFs to the 8GB DOM via either:

• USB thumbdrive.
• CF card via PCMCIA-CF reader.

I can copy ADFs to either the USB thumbdrive or CF card via PCMCIA-CF reader from systems I currently own, either a macOS laptop or Windows10 desktop (the only reason I would've copied ADFs to the 8GB DOM is so that I can install their respective applications onto that internal DOM, my new primary storage system on the Amiga).

Alternatively (and preferably), if I'm successful in setting up the PCMCIA-CF card reader via EasyADF, then I can presumably copy ADFs (from, say my Mac laptop), onto CF cards, then insert those CF cards into the A1200's PCMCIA-CF reader and "install" the ADFs read from that CF reader, now from within A1200's Workbench environment, "onto" the A1200's internal DOM, correct?

Once configured:

• 8GB DOM = Primary mass-storage/boot-volume.
• PCMCIA-CF card = Primary removable storage (i.e., to move files from other systems).
• Gotek = Secondary removable storage/recovery boot-drive.

Originally Posted by Jope View Post
The Amiga formatted DOM will not show up on the Mac, you must mount it as a hard drive in FS-UAE and then copy the files in via emulation.
I don't have UAE installed on any of my systems. That DOM is new, and I assume it comes unformatted (I don't know). I had assumed I would be mounting/initializing the DOM in the Amiga.

Originally Posted by Jope View Post
If you use a directscsi capable filesystem (pfs3aio is a good choice), the entire 8GB can be one partition.
Sounds great! This is among the list of things I don't know how to do:

• How to "install" the new DOM; i.e., how do I mount an unformatted DOM in a 3.1-Kickstarted A1200?
• How do I "use" pfs3aio to benefit from >4GB storage device?

Other stuff:

• How do I format a CF card to be read in an Amiga from an non-UAE macOS or Windows 10 machine? Answer = FAT32?
• How do I copy ADFs to a CF card to be read in an Amiga from an non-UAE macOS or Windows 10 machine? Answer = write as normal?

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