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1. Dear Mr Drew! Nice to hear that there is life again in the development of Fusion and Pcx.
I bought the Fusion-Pcx-Bundle a long time ago. However at that point of time Haage&Partner had already stopped offering support or updates, and also the Microcode-Solutions-Website was already gone. Where can I get the latest updates and drivers for the original 68k-versions of Fusion and Pcx? Me and my A4000/060 would be very happy about it.

2. It has been said in this thread, that Fusion 3.3 is a fake. I haven't checked if the version mentioned before is identical to my 3.3-version. However back then, since all other support was gone, I contacted Joe Fenton. He couldn't help much, but he did - apart from some Pcx-Beta-Stuff - mail version 3.3 of Fusion to me. He said that it was mainly a fix for Mediator-boards. I don't own a Mediator-board, so I can't test if this is the case.
Anyway, this is why I think that 3.3 is not a fake.

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