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Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
I do not know when was the last one made (and viruses usually do not have release dates written on the box), but annoying HNY96 still occurs time to time.
Is there a copy of VirusChecker that checks for that? As that is the normal virus killer I use as it is small and checks boot blocks and stuff.

File viruses I got hit with was TTV1/BGS9, Bubonic Plague, and a small executable that just copied it to the startup-sequence and became the first file.

Boot block viruses I saw were SCA, Byte Bandit (Didn't see the counter), Lamer Exterminator.

Saddam Virus, Had to use Nuke to check and fix all my disks.

That was in New Zealand (North Island) So the viruses made it from Europe (Were any coded in America??, Some were from Australia) all the way around the world.
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