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Sadam virus was particularly unusual in that prior to KS2 where the disk i validator was included into the ROM it was possible to be infected by simply inserting a disk infected by saddam virus You didn't even have to boot it or even access any files.

Boot block viri were common in the early days. I never got infected by any of those and virus checkers could easily detect and repair (assuming the disk did not have a custom bootblock). I remember using some program or another to keep a database of custom bootblocks for quite a while in my early days of Amiga. I never actually needed to use it to restore though.

Viri attaching themselves to files came later (probably as hard drives became more prevalent). I ran VirusZ in order to protect myself from this. I think a lot of it was media hype. I mean clearly there were a lot of viri out there but I dont think they were nearly as common as some people were claiming.

I'd say the Happy New Year HNY virus was probably one of the most common link type viri
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