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Originally Posted by ransom1122 View Post
22,421 of them.. Go nuts

There are ways to batch download, Google is your friend.

I have released Mini Pack #2 PM me if your interested

You are so sweet, thank you .

I never had a C64 back in those days but i played alot of C64 at my best Friends House . (i had an Amiga of course , because its was 16-Bit sweeeetness of some smurftastic caliber )

However, after all those years, i am kind of turned on by those sexy 8-bit C64 Graphics (no kidding) SID Sound and especially the DEMO SCENE IS FREAKING AMAZING on the C64 .

So, i have alot to learn about the C64 Software. What where the Great Demos & Games/Apps .

About the C64 Mini LAG:
It has been improved.
[ Show youtube player ]

(skip to minute 6 for the LAG test)

It´only getting better.
Like i said, the main draw for me is watching those sweet, sweet Demos with the correct 50Hz on my TV. Man, i am so excited !

HUGE greetings to all those kind people here. Much love from Torti .
You are the Best

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