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Originally Posted by Gaelion View Post
[...] For me it is Gold of the Aztecs. You could not save at all, and it was pretty hard, very much a trial and error on each screen [...]
Originally Posted by jotd View Post
[...] Push Over end puzzles were devious.
Not that other mentioned games are easy but for those two : Bravo !

Non-exhaustive recollection : Dungeon Master, Faery Tale Adventure (if saving/loading to keep some keys is cheating, don't count it ), Shadow of the Beast, Barbarian (Psygnosis), Obliterator, Superfrog, Prince of Persia, all Dragon's Lair, both Space Ace, Guy Spy, the first three King's Quest, first two Space Quest, Leisure Suit Larry I (original), Quest for Glory I (was named Hero's Quest at that time), Another World, Flashback, King of Chicago.

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