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Push Over, Gods, Chaos Engine & Mortal Kombat (also arcade version with 1 credit once . Push Over end puzzles were devious.

EDIT: Flashback, in normal mode, not "hard" (but I didn't even try). SuperCars II (but never managed to get 40 points in hard mode). I'm not sure it's a great achievement compared to Shadow of the Beast or other super-hard games, but at least I didn't cheat.

EDIT2: completed Pang several times too, including the arcade version with 1 credit (just once). And also Silkworm, a lot of times playing with the jeep (and a friend playing with the heli). not sure if I completed it with just the heli in 1p mode.

Of all those games, I can now only complete Gods & Supercars II, & probably Flashback as it's not very difficult with passwords & saves.

I wish I would have completed Cadaver & The payoff without cheating (i.e.: check the solution), but after the first level, I had to look for the solution each 10 minutes... it's damn hard.

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