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AAAhhhA, so there is a Final Final version

What the... Lemon Amiga & Co send you to the final version, that is final but not really final if you know what i mean

Does it work ? Well, yes it does without the graphic glitches.
But, it doesnt like the Cache and Jack is a little bit stuttering to play if Cache is enabled.

If i use Furiatune NoCache (or CPU Nochache) he is Smooooth

Hmm, maybe a Whdload version would not a nad idea after all.

For now i will do a IconX Script.

Cpu NoCache >Nil:
Cpu Cache >Nil:

Greetings and Thank you Mcgeezer for this lovley port

PS:Why AGA ? it works on my A600. Does it need 2MB Chip ?

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