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Originally Posted by MDR View Post
I'm finding the BBS Folder on the server a bit confusing.
I would Class Boondox, Gurus Dream & The Boiler Room as BBS as you can see the Ami Express /X File Listings with Upload date P (Passed etc.) So you know the filenames are correct nothing has been altered. But some of the other stuff I would just class as Collection not BBS as they are not in BBS format. I have not looked at everything yet but that's my observations so far, does anyone else have any feedback on this?

i agree, i'm just in the process of grabbing a lot of this for myself and those 3 collections seem to be the best source. Will definitely take a look at what you've uploaded too.

as a side note, I remember cement city well. My memory is a bit vague from so long ago but I think i bought some hardware from you as well. I don't remember exactly what it was but i do remember upgrading from a 1200 to a 4000 and various other bits to go with it over a period of time, a multiface 3 serial card, a scsi card and an excalibur 040 card - so it would probably have been something along those lines.

PS thanks for uploading this for us all
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