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That is awesome Akira! I love the dueling A600 DJ stream! So cool! Also have to check out your streams as well plasmab. You obviously do really wonderful projects.

Yeah I totally agree guys, it is difficult to announce when you go live on so many various platforms. The best way is to "follow" us on Twitch or "subscribe" on Youtube and activate notifications. On twitch you click the heart icon and on YouTube you click the bell icon. I post all my streams 24 hours in advance on my Twitter @thegurumeditatie as well as on Facebook "Amiga Bill" and "TheGuruMeditation" page You don't have to have an account on Twitter or Facebook because I make my posts public but it helps if you do have an account. I would like to post in forums and Facebook groups as well, but it starts to become a lot and I don't want to come off as spamy, but that is a tricky balancing act I am still trying to figure out.
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