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Originally Posted by emufan View Post
I just had a look into ClassicWB lite.
in L: it has a "env-handler_disabled" - if you have a "L:env-handler",
just rename it to L:env-handler_disabled".
give it a try.

#1) it is envhandler or happenenv addition, i think.
in your startup-sequence there is either:
L:env-handler ADDVOLNODE

you have to comment out them by setting a semicolon infront of the line(s).
I got it working, kind of. Ended up starting from the beginning again, and selecting to not enable the ENV-handler. Then I discovered that it would fail in the same way during boot, only with the middle mouse button option. So started again, selecting to have THAT also disabled. Then there was something else, which I should have written down, but that also crashed. Finally got it able to boot successfully, but that left we with the MagicWB icons and the default 4 colour 640x256 screen and colours. Ok, no worries, go and change the screenmode in prefs... Only one problem, the screenmode preference program wouldn't load. In fact, none of the preference programs would load. No error message or anything, just failed to load.


So I tried DOpus, and that failed to load, but at least gave me an error message, telling me I needed at least a 68020 CPU...

I could get Deluxe Paint IV to load, but that was it. Something weird going on here.

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Also try BetterWB instead of ClassicWB. Better for lower specs.
Thank you, getting it now to try out.
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