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Originally Posted by earok View Post
Some technical info about the palette hacks for anyone interested:

The palettes appear to be the original Atari ST ones, where you can use the values 0-7 for each of the RGB channels. So white would be:

(The leading 0 so the value is word-aligned)

The game doubles the values when it loads them. Which results in:

However, this isn't pure white - pure white on an Amiga would be $0FFF, so you can see in the original left screenshot that the text is slightly gray.

If, instead they had used this value:

It doubles to $0FFE - very close to pure white. The trick is that I've bumped the values in the G and B column to being above 7, so when it doubles it carries the 1 across to the next column.

(If you're wondering why I didn't simply remove the line that doubles the palette values and enter the correct values directly, I did that at first but then found there were certain palettes that I couldn't find - such as on the title screen - which meant those areas became dark)
So it's once again the ST palette shit fail !

i was sure it was wrong since day 1. I owned the original on Atari ST, and the palette was right, nothing like the shit palette the programmer woman used on the amiga version !
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