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Wonderboy in Monster Land SE

Canon URL for this project is

To-Do List
Further palette tweaks?
Sprite replacement (esp. Skeletons)
ADF version (with trainer?)
HD versions

Done List
New palette
Altered viewport
Blue Button jump
CD32 ISO (in the Zone)


Argh, I keep starting new projects!

Since it's a straight ST port, the palette is really drab. I've been working to try and get it as close to the original as possible (bearing in mind there's much fewer colours than the arcade machine had, so I've had to compromise here and there). Reds are fully red. Greens, browns, whites and blues are more vibrant.

Original is on the left, demo of the palette hacks are on the right.

Not really sure what else I could do with it. I haven't been successful with tweaking the controls (second button jump) so far.

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