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Originally Posted by bLAZER View Post

Files played by UADE has to have the right file prefix, suffix won't work unfortunately. I'll see if I can come up with a solution for this, because it's bugging me too.
I dont know, if we speak about the same issue!
As i wrote, i register any suffix to Windows, and by double clicking any registered amiga music it works fine with BZR(UADE engine).
In most cases it did not work with music with external sampledata, such as TFMX and Hippel-COSO.

...and indeed in this case it is a limitation of the TFMX UADE Player, that i cant use suffix.
In Delliplayer for PC it was possible to use suffix for TFMX, because there was no need of Deli/Eagleplayer for TFMX!

Silmarils Format
detection is working but silence only, no prefix/suffix problem > same issue
seems also not a problem of the Silmarils UADE player, because same music and same player works with Deliplayer for PC.
and sorry, i have to use Deliplayer for PC as reference, because this program played 99% of known Amiga ziks!

The behavior of BZR is very strange!
Speaking about same Silmarils format.
as i wrote above, doubleclick Wind_Surf_Willy.mok > Silence only
if i doubleclick next Silmarils music, for example Metal Mutant - title.mok > Silence only too
but if i exit BZR before and doubleclick Metal Mutant - title.mok again it works!

All World Games custom musics wrongly detected as MP3!


Richard Joseph Player, Richard Joseph
Chaos Engine ziks not recognized by BZR, whatever i do, changing suffix to prefix, changing sng.filename and ins.filename to rjp.filename and smp.filename >nothing, no detection.
Deliplayer for PC is able to play those Chaos Engine ziks via its own library even with suffix . sng and .ins.

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