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Originally Posted by yesplease View Post
yep, thats right no need to pay the annual developer license fee anymore. I have seen posts where they already pushed gba emulator on a ios9beta device with xcode7beta and screenshots how to do.

The steps were like this
1.go into a xcode project
2.set build target to your iOS device
3.set your itunes account
4.plug in your iphone and build, seconds later the app will pop up on your home screen

You can already download xcode7beta for free and without license. It installs parallel to xcode6. But for pushing apps to your device, you will have to wait at least to july as there begins the public beta of ios9.

Does anyone know of a UAE xcode project and where to get it ?

ok i found the source here

i build it (took out the cydia stuff) and now it is up and running in the ios simulator. waiting for ios9 to publish it to my device without jailbreak or paid developer needed

BTW: the site states there is already version1.08 out with fixes to glitching sounds problems. but the source seems to be 1.06 or 1.07.

it seems emufreak maybe just forgot to upate the version in the xcode project file. the version on the site is probably the latest from what I can see in the code and github repo
Do you have a copy of the source without the cydia stuff that will compile?
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